The MCU Park of Coney Island

From Snoop Dog to Brian Adams, many famous musicians have had concerts in MCU Park, Coney Island, New York. Some of you may remember that MCU Park used to be called Key Span Park. It is a baseball stadium located in Coney Island and its home team is called New York Mets. This minor league stadium has a sitting capacity of 7500 seats but usually there are standing room tickets available as well, when there are baseball matches.

The park is nicely situated as it faces the Atlantic ocean as well as the well known Parachute Jump. Also, it’s got a view on Coney Island Cyclone and on the Wonder Wheel. The buildings are modern, the park is filled with colorful lights and it looks like a top quality amusement park. Before MCU Park was bulit, there was an old Coney Island amusement park lying on the same ground. It was named Steeplechase and it was closed down in 1964. For a while the land remained unused and deteriorated, but then the new park was built as a reinvestment in the Coney Island neighborhood. The new MCU Park opened in 2001. In the beginning the stadium was much smaller but because the Mets are so popular, the demand for tickets caused the adding of another one thousand seats. Also, you may not know that the MCU Park ground rules prohibit fans going to matches to bring outside food or drinks. This is not uncommon for a minor league stadium.
It’s pretty easy to get to the MCU Park by subway. One can take the subway from the Coney Island – Stillwell Avenue station, where you are supposed to take one of the DFNQ trains.

Also, you may not be aware of the fact that MCU stands for Municipal Credit Union. They signed a deal that leads to the park being named this way for eleven years.