Getting to Coney Island

Coney Island remains the vacation spot that New Yorkers can easily get to and which has, despite the passing of time, kept the uniqueness everyone associates it with. Yet, although this place is renowned for its closeness to Manhattan and providing New Yorkers with an opportunity to get away from the busy and hot city, one should know how exactly this vacation spot can be reached. Here one can read more about the different routes that can lead to Coney Island.

One of the most common ways to get here is by taking the subways. The subway station of Coney Island is called Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue and it is served by the trains of the New York City Subway, in particular the DFNQ trains. The Coney Island terminal is well known because it is the largest elevated metro station in the whole North America having eight tracks serving the four services that are used for this destination. The station is also quite renowned as it was one of the first ways to get here but it was rebuilt in 2002 when it was modernized and when it received a large solar panel canopy that covered and still does all the eight tracks.

Those who enjoy buses may also take this transportation means to Coney Island. Bus B68 reaches Prospect Park, bus B74 to Coney Island-Sea Gate and bus B82 to Starett City. Moreover, bus B36 runs from Coney Island-Sea Gate to Nostrand Avenue in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and bus X28 provides individuals with an express service to Manhattan. Most of these buses use the bus terminal that is located beneath the subway in Coney Island.

Nevertheless, individuals can travel to Coney Island with their personal car by crossing the well known bridge, especially built to make a connection with the vacation place, the Brooklyn Bridge. Also, one may take the bike and easily get here.