Food Menu in Coney Island and the Famous Coney Hot Dog

Anybody who’s planning a weekend or a holiday out in Coney Island may want to know about the food offer there, the menus and the restaurants and, of course, about the now already famous Coney Island Hot Dog.

The fact of the matter is that the Coney Island hot dog is now famous all over America and especially in Michigan because of the Coney Island restaurants, which are in fact Greek American restaurants. Their hot dog is very well appreciated by Americans from all states and it is a special kind of hot dog containing hot chili peppers, diced yellow onions and yellow mustard.

The Coney Island restaurants first opened in 1914 and later re-opened in 1917, so the tradition of this famous hot dog goes way back.

There are also other places where you can enjoy food and drink in Coney Island, like the Pio Pio Riko, where you can enjoy a delightful Peruvian roast chicken. There are also many taco stands, where you can get fresh, inexpensive and very tasty food.

Coney Island Surf &Turf Grill, Gargiulo’s Restaurant, Nathan’s Famous, Riviera Grill & Sushi, Chachas of Coney Island, Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano and Oceanfront Restaurant are just a few other places where you can enjoy wonderful menus.

Pearl Lounge, Sideshows by the seashore, Vodka Gallery, Ruby’s and Club Velocity are just a few other places where you can enjoy your drinks. Bratva Bar, for instance is not too far from the beach, so you can take a short walk to get there; the music is great and they have both bar and restaurant. Both American and Russian style snacks and drinks are available, plus beer, wine and cocktails. Peggy O’Neils is also a great place if you’re looking for a night club and a restaurant too.

It follows that there’s plenty of choice for any tourist and the service is usually beyond any reproach.