Events in Coney Island

Coney Island is mainly known for its beach and the famous boardwalk. However, there are many other things that attract people to come and spend a relaxed weekend or even more in this place. Some of these are the well known attractions to which it has been host for a very long time now. However, Coney Island is also the place where different types of events take places every year, some of them having many years of tradition behind. Read on and find out what are some of the most popular events that take place on Coney Island throughout the year.

Firstly, the oldest event is certainly the Coney Island Mermaid parade which takes place on the Surf Avenue and the boardwalk. This event is one of the main traditions of events in Coney Island and it has been held every year since 1979 with the aim of preserving the dignity of America popular culture. The Mermaid Parade takes place in the summer.

Coney Island is also the host of the Coney Island Film Festival which is organized by the same non-profit arts group that organizes the Mermaid Parade, Coney Island USA. This event takes place every year since 2000, in October. Moreover, the group also organizes various Halloween shows such as the Freakshow or Creepshow or the Burlesque At The Beach.

The last Sunday of June, every year takes place the Cosme 5K Charity Run/Walk. This event is sponsored by Coney Island Sports Foundation and it takes place on the Riegelman Boardwalk. Nevertheless, the island has been the host of a major volleyball tournament, in August 2006 and for the next two years. The event was supported by the Association of Volleyball Professionals and it was televised live on NBC. The event led to the building of a 4000 seat stadium next to the famous boardwalk.