Coney Island General Information

For those of you who don’t know exactly what Coney Island is and where it is located, Coney Island is an island, or rather a peninsula, south of Brooklyn, New York and it is quite well known for its beach on the Atlantic. It used to be an island but now it is connected to the mainland by landfill. Sustained efforts are being made to revive the good days this island used to have, especially before World War II, when it was quite a popular resort and it had many amusement parks. People would come here on holiday from all over the U.S. but then it started being less popular after the ‘50s. There’s Brighton beach and Manhattan Beach in the East, Seagate in its west and Gravesend to the north. There’s also a neighborhood called Coney Island in the west part of the peninsula.

In its early times, the island was renowned for its rabbits and the famous rabbit hunting parties. But because rabbit hunting was done in excess and because the island became a favorite vacation destination, the rabbit population became extinct. Very few people know that the actual name of the island comes from an old English word for bunny. Another interesting fact about the peninsula is that its beaches are sunny all day long, without any trace of shadow, because of its orientation. Apparently, this is what led the Native Americans to call the island “the land of no shadow”.

As you may well remember, the plot of “Love Never Dies”, the musical which is the sequel of “The Phantom of the Opera” takes place in Coney Island.
About 52 thousand people live now in Coney Island. The number of tourists going there each year is starting to increase as more and more money are being invested into modernizing resorts, facilities and amusement parks. Anyone can easily get here by bus or by subway directly from Brooklyn, New York.