Coney Island Beach

The beach on Coney Island is mostly sandy and it elongates from the Seagate in Coney Island to the beginning of the community of Manhattan. Its estimated total distance is about 4 km or 2 and half miles. The beach in the resort is mostly popular for its broad Riegelmann boardwalk which serves the beach for its entire length. It is replenished and groomed on a daily basis in order to maintain it clean. The lack of constructions that might obstruct the sun light makes the Coney Island beach sunny during the entire period of the day and it is open to all those who want to enjoy it, without the need to pay anything. It is also the main place of training for the Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers, a group that is designed for individuals who enjoy open water swimming. Nevertheless, it is the preferred destination for those who intend to get away from the busy and hot New York, without having to travel for too long.